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Manga: Utopia Of Homosexuality

29 Jun

Girl(left) boy (right)

I accidentally encounter this manga to tell u the truth, and after reading it, I can see why. Even though they say this manga is shoujo ai and shounen ai, I don’t see neither, oh okay maybe the female character, says she’s is a lesbian and the male character says he is gay, but, this is so not no yuri or yoai manga, its shoujo all the way. I said shoujo not shoujo ai. I don’t have a problem with shoujo manga, I’m actually fond of it, on very rare occasions. Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting I cannot say this manga was bad, I actually liked it. Hey I might pay shoujo manga a bit more attention from now on…….hell no.. The drawing at first was a turn off but, trust after a while it got better.. or did I got use to it, I mean each volume is over an 100 pages and there is three volumes, so if you want to read something, there is always this. To wrap things up, the storyline was good, they surely fooled me and the drawing is decent I guess. If u want to obtain it, it can get it here.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Note: it’s password protected, the password : animeserve


Yuri+Gore= No-No (Château Rouge)

27 Jun

I love yuri and I love gore, but I will never love yuri gore. Yuri is meant to be lovey dovey,  fluffy and heart warming, But I don’t want to see two girls confessing their hearts to each other, and the intestines popping out and they starts vomiting up blood and other stuff which is shouldn’t be coming up out their mouth. Anyways, the reason I even have the thought of this disturbing creation, is after reading a yuri manga from Trine Scanlation called Chateau Rouge. After reading the scanlation, I immediately erase it from my hard drive, and never to speak of it again, well until this day ,of course. I most definitely  wouldn’t recommend this manga, to anyone but if u wanna view it be my guest, I am going stopping you. Download it here. From that day on, whenever i see yuri and horror, or yuri and gore in the same line, its a BIG NO NO.

Note: Nudity is display in the scanlation, also other stuff, so yeah… Also u can view trine scanlation here. (if ur interested )

New Yuri: Unchanging Days chapter 3

27 Jun

Another very interesting manga from Tsubomi. the drawing is way better than the “what’s it called manga” i kinda read, check post before.  But nevertheless this manga is from Tsubomi, emphasize on the Tsubomi part and like the last Tsubomi manga Ebisu-san and Hotei-san we I shouldn’t have high hopes for it, seriously, it will only end in angry and disappointment. Anyways other from that good good chapter and you can read it here.

Yuri manga : Tie Breaker 1

26 Jun

Come on, they look like guys....

this scanlation disappointed me, the drawing is horrible, they look like guys in girls uniform. was that the way the artist intended to draw it? :X anyways if i cant like the drawing there is no point for me to read the manga. if u wanna read here u go, enjoy!

New Release: Minus Literacy chapter 08

11 Jun

Hey guess what, Matsudaira sama is free from the Minus fortune, go figure. Now the big question is what gonna happen between Miharu san and Matsudaira, are they gonna part ways for good or stick with each other like before. If u haven’t read it yet, you can read it here

New Yuri manga: Yuri Hime S one-shot – The Love Jellyfish

3 Jun

I wasn’t really feeling this one shot yuri manga at  all,  i think it’s the storyline or the draftsmanship work but whatever, any yuri is good yuri i guess…. U can obtain it here

Yuri Manga Updates: Sasameki Koto – Volume 6 Chapter 34

3 Jun

I am furious  at this chapter of sasameki koto, one because it was mainly about Lotte chan birthday and it was pretty much dragged out to me, and two,why the hell Kazama decide to kiss Sumi chan with a mask on?!?! that’s bull to me. I wonder when they gonna finally kiss on the lips *ten years later* Im still waiting…… RWAR!!!! >:(

Even though it kinda suck to me, there was one interesting thing about this chapter, i dont know if my yuri google are malfunctioning or something  but i believe mayu chan likes sumi chan. Hey i could be wrong. Anyways you can read it here, if u havent read it already.