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Sora no Woto episode 1 Love it!!!!!

6 Jan

My favorite anime streaming site has let me down and the sad part is that it wasn’t only one site, it was two. They are supposed to be updated with the latest streaming in anime and it didn’t, I had to go on another site to watch it. I bet four days from now they are gonna post the anime tsk tsk. They have already fail meh T.T

Anyways, Sora no towa episode 1 is out, you can watch it here.  Or if you prefer manga u can read it here.

The characters in this anime reminded meh of the characters in K-ON, if u don’t know the anime K-ON your very lame and you can watch it here . Or u can read it here .

Here are some other pictures of the characters in K-ON


and Sora no towa.