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New release from lililicious/ Ebisu-san and Hotei-san ch05 (last chapter)

31 May

I was kinda disappoint in this manga,  i guess i was expecting more, well more kiss scene or grope scene or something. Then again it’s a manga that’s in Tsubomi magazine i should have known lol. If u wanna obtain it you can get it here on here


Lililicious latest release: Aqua Blue Cinema Chapter 1&2 It’s awesome !!

12 Jan

You can download  it here.

It’s about an actress who still has feelings for her ex soon she meets  a girl and perhaps falling in love with her.


Well I’m liking this scanlation because well it’s yuri and it’s awesome with great draftsmanship.  Can’t wait to see where this story leads.

Lililicious Latest Release

6 Jan

Lililicious has just released a yuri manga call 20 Year Old Girl x 30 Year Old Maiden from Yuri Hime 10, you can check it out here .  The storyline is about 30 year old going out with a 20 years old , but started feeling self  conscious about her appearance.