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Strike Witches2 episode 1

18 Jul

Strike Witches 2, even more ecchi  than the last season *sighs* I miss this anime so much. [ecchi mode on] Cute girls, flying around with no pants on, just a upper body clothing and panties. Time to time they putted some slightly ecchi scenes in for the viewers. Ahh what not to love about this anime [ecchi mode off].Anyways, I sense some yuri already.

i have to go, i have to..... {yuri googles}

i will be waiting for you, no matter what, I'll wait for you..... my love {yuri googles}

Okay! it's a promise!! till we meet again... *coughs* I'll try not to cheat on you* flys away immediatly* {yuri googles}

well that’s my interpretation of what really happen.  NOTE they didn’t say what i wrote in the caption, my yuri googles was on and that’s what i heard lol Anyways i had a blast watching and reviewing strike witches episode one and if u wanna watch it u can watch it here.