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Chu-Bra ep 1 was very funny

5 Jan

Chu-bra episode 1 was everything I expected it to be. You can watch episode 1 sub here or read the manga here.

The first episode got me dying of laughter.  But it’s kind of sad that Nayu got it bad at school on the first day in the first episode. Tsk Tsk.


And  I already sense some hatred by this  character towards Nayu . This makes me curious of what going to play out in the future.

For the most part all I can recall in this anime was A LOT PANTY SHOTS..

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffSooooo many pantsu

And a few groping and ecchi scenes mixed in with pure comedy

She has Bra ray lol

The boobs are alive


I will always remember theses two shots

I have a lot of expectation for this anime and Can’t wait to see the other episodes.