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Amagami SS episode 3

16 Jul

Im dying because of  the lack of yuri in these animes I  have been  watching, especially this one. Nevertheless there were some funny/ perverted scenes in here, like when Junichi licked Haruka “behind the knee“.

he is licking behind the knee, no where else lol

Also another thing, I swear Haruka doesnt own a bed, these past three episode she always on the couch. I dont know if the couch in the living room or her room, if she even have a bed room to begin with.

Omfg i love this couch that's y u always see me on it, instead of my crappy soft more comfortable bed lol

me again on this couch, YAYY!!!

The only reason im even watching this lame romance anime because of the Opening and the possibility of seeing some yuri action…. sadly the possibility of seeing that is dropping tremendously. I hate this anime and the opening is a trap, six beatiful girl and no yuri action yet, smh crappy anime.

Yall damn right we feel in love and look what happen, you broke our hearts with no yuri action and an enjoyable story line

cant wait for next episode *sarcasm* if you want to watch episode three u can watch it here. Enjoy!