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Strike Witches2 episode 1

18 Jul

Strike Witches 2, even more ecchi  than the last season *sighs* I miss this anime so much. [ecchi mode on] Cute girls, flying around with no pants on, just a upper body clothing and panties. Time to time they putted some slightly ecchi scenes in for the viewers. Ahh what not to love about this anime [ecchi mode off].Anyways, I sense some yuri already.

i have to go, i have to..... {yuri googles}

i will be waiting for you, no matter what, I'll wait for you..... my love {yuri googles}

Okay! it's a promise!! till we meet again... *coughs* I'll try not to cheat on you* flys away immediatly* {yuri googles}

well that’s my interpretation of what really happen.  NOTE they didn’t say what i wrote in the caption, my yuri googles was on and that’s what i heard lol Anyways i had a blast watching and reviewing strike witches episode one and if u wanna watch it u can watch it here.


Yuri+Gore= No-No (Château Rouge)

27 Jun

I love yuri and I love gore, but I will never love yuri gore. Yuri is meant to be lovey dovey,  fluffy and heart warming, But I don’t want to see two girls confessing their hearts to each other, and the intestines popping out and they starts vomiting up blood and other stuff which is shouldn’t be coming up out their mouth. Anyways, the reason I even have the thought of this disturbing creation, is after reading a yuri manga from Trine Scanlation called Chateau Rouge. After reading the scanlation, I immediately erase it from my hard drive, and never to speak of it again, well until this day ,of course. I most definitely  wouldn’t recommend this manga, to anyone but if u wanna view it be my guest, I am going stopping you. Download it here. From that day on, whenever i see yuri and horror, or yuri and gore in the same line, its a BIG NO NO.

Note: Nudity is display in the scanlation, also other stuff, so yeah… Also u can view trine scanlation here. (if ur interested )

New Yuri: Unchanging Days chapter 3

27 Jun

Another very interesting manga from Tsubomi. the drawing is way better than the “what’s it called manga” i kinda read, check post before.  But nevertheless this manga is from Tsubomi, emphasize on the Tsubomi part and like the last Tsubomi manga Ebisu-san and Hotei-san we I shouldn’t have high hopes for it, seriously, it will only end in angry and disappointment. Anyways other from that good good chapter and you can read it here.

Yuri manga : Tie Breaker 1

26 Jun

Come on, they look like guys....

this scanlation disappointed me, the drawing is horrible, they look like guys in girls uniform. was that the way the artist intended to draw it? :X anyways if i cant like the drawing there is no point for me to read the manga. if u wanna read here u go, enjoy!

New Yuri Anime for the Summer, and yes its actually Yuri :)

21 Jun

The anime is called Primastea. This anime centers around two girls’ “risky” summer vacation together.

Promo video

There is now hope for this summer!!!!!!

New Release: Minus Literacy chapter 08

11 Jun

Hey guess what, Matsudaira sama is free from the Minus fortune, go figure. Now the big question is what gonna happen between Miharu san and Matsudaira, are they gonna part ways for good or stick with each other like before. If u haven’t read it yet, you can read it here

New Yuri manga: Yuri Hime S one-shot – The Love Jellyfish

3 Jun

I wasn’t really feeling this one shot yuri manga at  all,  i think it’s the storyline or the draftsmanship work but whatever, any yuri is good yuri i guess…. U can obtain it here