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Canaan wtfness

14 Jul

this is why i love youtube. also if u watched and love Canaan  your gonna love this . its rly short. Enjoy!


Manga: Utopia Of Homosexuality

29 Jun

Girl(left) boy (right)

I accidentally encounter this manga to tell u the truth, and after reading it, I can see why. Even though they say this manga is shoujo ai and shounen ai, I don’t see neither, oh okay maybe the female character, says she’s is a lesbian and the male character says he is gay, but, this is so not no yuri or yoai manga, its shoujo all the way. I said shoujo not shoujo ai. I don’t have a problem with shoujo manga, I’m actually fond of it, on very rare occasions. Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting I cannot say this manga was bad, I actually liked it. Hey I might pay shoujo manga a bit more attention from now on…….hell no.. The drawing at first was a turn off but, trust after a while it got better.. or did I got use to it, I mean each volume is over an 100 pages and there is three volumes, so if you want to read something, there is always this. To wrap things up, the storyline was good, they surely fooled me and the drawing is decent I guess. If u want to obtain it, it can get it here.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Note: it’s password protected, the password : animeserve

New Pokemon game: Pokemon Black and White

28 Jun

Oh my Gosh,  a new pokemon game for the Nintendo ds, yes pokemon  again. Surprisingly this pokemon game looks great, as in no more 2d, its 3d time. Im worried about one thing though, i hope it doesn’t follow the same damn storyline and plot like the rest of them i swear,  the creator(s) of pokemon games needs a big bowl of being Original and stop making remakes of their old works. Anyways it’s said to be released in japan September 18. Cant wait for the released in other parts of the world!


Robert Green Our hero!!!! World Cup 2010 England vs USA

12 Jun

Dear Robert Green,

I and the entire USA soccer fans loves you  and thanks you for giving us that goal. Even if England ( your homeland) is mad at you. America isn’t and that’s all that matters lol.

Sincerley, USA  (DWL)

Animes to cool us down from the hot Summer Heat

30 May

Highschool of the dead by Madhouse

If u had read the manga, you would know about Highschool of the dead and what’s it about. If u haven’t and you interested in you can read it here. On February 2, 2010, an anime adaption for High school of the Dead was announced, and it will be animated by Madhouse. The official release is planned for July 2010.


The world is over taken with a very deadly disease that turns humans into zombies. In Japan, a handful of students of Fujimi High school, and even the school nurse, band together to survive the zombie apocalypse. The story follows Takashi Komuro, one of the students who survived in the initial outbreak.


Horror, Mystery, Action


Official site ( Japanese)

Shiki by Daume

Shi ki also known as Corpse Demon which is originated from a manga is getting turn into an anime. If you want to read the mange, you can read it here.


The story takes place in a particularly hot summer in the nineties, in a small quiet village called Sotoba. A series of mysterious deaths begin to spread in the village, at the same time when a strange family moves into the long abandoned Kanemasa mansion. Ozaki Toshio, dean of the only hospital in Sotoba, initially suspects an epidemic. But as investigations continue and the deaths begin to pile up, he becomes convinced that they are the work of vampires plaguing the village. A young man named Yuuki Natsuno, who hates living in the village, begins to be pursued and surrounded by death.



Supernatural, Horror, Mystery

Official site ( Japanese)

Amagami SS by AIC

Amagami is the PlayStation 2 romance simulation game by Enterbrain. Episode one is suppose to be aired TBS at 1 July 2010 (Thursday) from 25-minute broadcast will begin at 1:00. BS-TBS will begin broadcasting in July 2010. If you’re interested in buying the game u can obtain it here


A second-year high school boy finds himself uneasy during Christmas time due to an experience in the past. However, this year at Christmas, he gets his last chance to ask out a graduating female senior named Haruka Morishima — or one of several other classmates. The story of the anime will be arranged in an omnibus format, with each heroine getting her own version of the story animated. Each heroine will sing her own version of the ending theme song.


Romance, maybe harem


Official site ( Japanese)

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi by J.C Staff

Originated from a light novel, J.C staffs have decided to produce this light novel into an anime. It is said that it’s going to be  aired Jul 1, 2010


A love comedy parodying fairy tales such as “Little Red Riding Hood,” “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” etc. Ookami Ryoko (Ookami-san) is a spunky high school girl. She is a member of a “fixer” club so called Otogi High School Bank. She fixes the school’s problems with her partner Akai Ringo (Akazukin-chan.)


Comedy, Romance


Official site ( Japanese)

Strike Witches 2-ki by AIC

One of my favorite anime is finally going to have a second season, even though I’m STILL waiting on sweet sweet Maria Holic to have a second season also, anyways Gonzo was originally going to aired the secong season of the hit anime, like how they aired the first season, but I guess things changes, so AIC decided to pick it up off of Gonzo back, hey I don’t really cared who aired it, I just want it to air. So it’s official AIC is going to air it. Poor Gonzo, going to lose all that money, sucks for them. If you want to watch the first season you can watch it here and if you love mangas like me and want to read it, you can read it here

My Summary

Super moe girls in military flying machine, fighting with weapon, like always. *sigh


Military, science fiction, Moe, Fanservice, action, echhi

Promo Trailer

visit the link

Official site ( Japanese)

Asobi ni Iku Yo by AIC Plus

Adapting from a Japanese light novel and a manga, Asobi ni Iku Yo also known as Let’s go Play! Or Let’s play is finally going to be turn into a anime. If you want to read the manga you can obtain it here


The story centers around Kio Kakazu , a high school freshman living in Okinawa. During a memorial service for one of his family ancestors. A mysterious girl with cat ears appears before him introducing herself as Eris and claiming that she is an alien. However She be more troubling than he first realizes.


Science fiction, Romantic comedy

Trailer( the video game trailer actually)

visit the link

Officail site ( Japanese)

Shukufuku no Campanella by AIC

The Japanese Eroge game ( Adult video or computer game) is getting turn into an anime. I knew the characters looked familiar I just couldn’t remember where I saw them from, joking, joking. Anyways the anime will premiere in Japan this July. So yall who played the Eroge game to this, would love to see their favourite characters in the anime.


The story takes place in a trading city Ert’Aria. Leicester Maycraft is an item engineer belonging to an adventurer guild “Oasis”. One night, he is at a party with his friends to see a meteor stream on the rooftop of a chapel. One meteor grazes them and hits the steeple of the chapel. There he finds a secret room and a sleeping girl. The girl wakes up and says “You must be my father!”. The encounter with the mysterious girl brings an unexpected adventure to Leicester.


Ecchi, Fantasy


Official site ( Japanese)

Sekirei: Pure Engagement by Seven Arcs

For those who watched and loved Sekirei, y’all will be pleased to know that Sekirei has a second season called Sekirei: Pure Engagement. It will be aired in the month of July 2010. For those who want to watch the first season, you can watch it here and you can read the manga here


The continuation of the first season.


Action, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi,  Harem


Official site (Japanese)

In conclusion,  AIC is one of the awesomest producers, seeing that they produce most of  these wonderful amines , Gonzo you have disappointed me.*cough* *cough* I will still support you by buying from you though xD

Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 1 It was okay

7 Jan

I’m not really into vampires anime or shows, but I’ll try not to be bias or deride the anime.

You can watch Dance in the Vampire Bund here or read the manga here.

The first thought I had on this anime was it’s going to be a boring anime with some boring vampire and boring people who are scared of the boring vampires. I’m not gonna lie, the first 12 minutes of this anime was well, boring. But it got a little bit interesting afterwards, well just a little. The only interesting scene I saw WARNING: SPOILER

Was when “Mina Tepes, daughter of Ryuu, descendent of Vlad and the rightful ruler of all vampire” did something with her eyes and made the chameleon looking monster arm burst, dispersing blood out.

I’m not too sure if I am going to watch episode two, I haven’t saw any ecchi, harem or yuri, but then again they might put some in the later episodes, so I might watch episode two, but that’s if I can past the first six minutes of it.

NOTE: Even though I might not like the anime, I am here to serve, so I will still posts links to where you can watch the latest episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Katanagatari Promo video

6 Jan

This has raise my interest, by like 5% , but I’m pretty sure I”m not going to watch this anime, if it has yuri, ecchi or even horror than i will consider to watch it .