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Black Rock Shooter OVA

26 Jul

Only if most anime was like this OVA , i would be in paradise. Also i wish it was an series instead of an OVA. Nevertheless I’m predicting a continuation of this. the question is when? Only one thing i can think of right now is ” Oh my fu*cking grrrrrrrr i love Black  Rock shooter. If u wanna watch it u can watch it here. watch away and Enjoy!


Strike Witches2 episode 1

18 Jul

Strike Witches 2, even more ecchi  than the last season *sighs* I miss this anime so much. [ecchi mode on] Cute girls, flying around with no pants on, just a upper body clothing and panties. Time to time they putted some slightly ecchi scenes in for the viewers. Ahh what not to love about this anime [ecchi mode off].Anyways, I sense some yuri already.

i have to go, i have to..... {yuri googles}

i will be waiting for you, no matter what, I'll wait for you..... my love {yuri googles}

Okay! it's a promise!! till we meet again... *coughs* I'll try not to cheat on you* flys away immediatly* {yuri googles}

well that’s my interpretation of what really happen.  NOTE they didn’t say what i wrote in the caption, my yuri googles was on and that’s what i heard lol Anyways i had a blast watching and reviewing strike witches episode one and if u wanna watch it u can watch it here.

Amagami SS episode 3

16 Jul

Im dying because of  the lack of yuri in these animes I  have been  watching, especially this one. Nevertheless there were some funny/ perverted scenes in here, like when Junichi licked Haruka “behind the knee“.

he is licking behind the knee, no where else lol

Also another thing, I swear Haruka doesnt own a bed, these past three episode she always on the couch. I dont know if the couch in the living room or her room, if she even have a bed room to begin with.

Omfg i love this couch that's y u always see me on it, instead of my crappy soft more comfortable bed lol

me again on this couch, YAYY!!!

The only reason im even watching this lame romance anime because of the Opening and the possibility of seeing some yuri action…. sadly the possibility of seeing that is dropping tremendously. I hate this anime and the opening is a trap, six beatiful girl and no yuri action yet, smh crappy anime.

Yall damn right we feel in love and look what happen, you broke our hearts with no yuri action and an enjoyable story line

cant wait for next episode *sarcasm* if you want to watch episode three u can watch it here. Enjoy!

Canaan wtfness

14 Jul

this is why i love youtube. also if u watched and love Canaan  your gonna love this . its rly short. Enjoy!

Amagami SS opening review

14 Jul

I love the opening, weirdly the main male character wasnt even shown once, anyways girls gets otakus attention not guys, so im good lol the song is so sweet and serene, one of my favourite openings! also it reminds me of girls high

Amagami SS episode 1, Ookami-san To Shichinin No Nakama-tachi Episode 1 and Shukufuku no Campanella episode 1 review

6 Jul

I’ve been reviewing a lot of yuri mangas lately, so now imma review three new anime, that just got released.

Let’s start off with Amagami SS episode one.

Very interesting episode and the draftsmanship was as just as I imagine, plus it had a little yuri subtext going on, to get yuri otakus like me hope that there gonna be more later down.  What I like about the episode and hopefully this anime is that, the male protagonist (Tachibana-kun) isn’t a nerdy echhi guy, who just wants see up girl’s skirt, he’s actually a nice guy.  But there is something that bugs me about this anime. The fact that’s Tachibana is depress for TWO YEARS not months, YEARS because he don’t got stood up on some date, I mean that must be heartbreaking but damn, three years, that’s pathetic. Anyways other from that slight minor issue the, episode was decent. Imma continue review about it until I either forget about the anime or it’s not worth reviewing.  If u want to watch episode one u can watch it here.

Next anime is Shukufuku no Campanella episode one.

Imma go straight to the male protagonist (Leicester) in this anime. Leicester is not that good looking at all, he is rather average, I must say, but not only him the Carina is as average as he is. Am I the only one who thinks this?  Anyways the only reason imma continue observe this anime is because of Chelsea and Shelley, Shelley is the Leicester’s mother. I sense a lot coming from Shelley, very high hopes and also because of this scene. shelley and chelsea

Other from this, the storyline is fitting, but im a bit curious to how next episode going to be like, can’t wait!… actually I can. You can watch it here.

And finally Ookami-san To Shichinin No Nakama-tachi episode one.

It wasn’t what I expected, but it was funny as hell, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the episode. If u want a good laugh this is the anime, not sensing any yuri from the anime, but the comedy made up for it.  Out of the three I watch this gotta be the funniest, now that I think about it I didn’t even laughed in Amagami SS. Anyways their was a scene in  Ookami-san To Shichinin No Nakama-tachi I liked a lot. Before I go spoil one of the funniest part of this episode u you, u can watch it hereSpoiler ahead

Back to the scene, it’s when Haibara  kicked this shit out of the boy she likes (Ooji senpai) by accident of course,

she kicking the shit outta Ooji san by accident of course

leaving her shoe behind Ooji senpai tried to find her by making every girl wear the shoe she left behind and kicked him.

he made Haibara san kick him a couple more times

more kicks to his face

In the end, after a few heavy kicks to his face again.

more kicks to his face

no worries, he's lovin' it

He found that it was Haibara kick the shit outta his face back then,

they live happily ever after( also like Cinderella except the kicking part)

what a twisted fairy tale

I will be watching future episode.Note these two characters are not the main characters in this anime, so im pretty sure we might not be seeing them again, sadly.