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Lililicious latest release: Aqua Blue Cinema Chapter 1&2 It’s awesome !!

12 Jan

You can download  it here.

It’s about an actress who still has feelings for her ex soon she meets  a girl and perhaps falling in love with her.


Well I’m liking this scanlation because well it’s yuri and it’s awesome with great draftsmanship.  Can’t wait to see where this story leads.


Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 1 It was okay

7 Jan

I’m not really into vampires anime or shows, but I’ll try not to be bias or deride the anime.

You can watch Dance in the Vampire Bund here or read the manga here.

The first thought I had on this anime was it’s going to be a boring anime with some boring vampire and boring people who are scared of the boring vampires. I’m not gonna lie, the first 12 minutes of this anime was well, boring. But it got a little bit interesting afterwards, well just a little. The only interesting scene I saw WARNING: SPOILER

Was when “Mina Tepes, daughter of Ryuu, descendent of Vlad and the rightful ruler of all vampire” did something with her eyes and made the chameleon looking monster arm burst, dispersing blood out.

I’m not too sure if I am going to watch episode two, I haven’t saw any ecchi, harem or yuri, but then again they might put some in the later episodes, so I might watch episode two, but that’s if I can past the first six minutes of it.

NOTE: Even though I might not like the anime, I am here to serve, so I will still posts links to where you can watch the latest episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Katanagatari Promo video

6 Jan

This has raise my interest, by like 5% , but I’m pretty sure I”m not going to watch this anime, if it has yuri, ecchi or even horror than i will consider to watch it .

Sora no Woto episode 1 Love it!!!!!

6 Jan

My favorite anime streaming site has let me down and the sad part is that it wasn’t only one site, it was two. They are supposed to be updated with the latest streaming in anime and it didn’t, I had to go on another site to watch it. I bet four days from now they are gonna post the anime tsk tsk. They have already fail meh T.T

Anyways, Sora no towa episode 1 is out, you can watch it here.  Or if you prefer manga u can read it here.

The characters in this anime reminded meh of the characters in K-ON, if u don’t know the anime K-ON your very lame and you can watch it here . Or u can read it here .

Here are some other pictures of the characters in K-ON


and Sora no towa.

Lililicious Latest Release

6 Jan

Lililicious has just released a yuri manga call 20 Year Old Girl x 30 Year Old Maiden from Yuri Hime 10, you can check it out here .  The storyline is about 30 year old going out with a 20 years old , but started feeling self  conscious about her appearance.


Chu-Bra ep 1 was very funny

5 Jan

Chu-bra episode 1 was everything I expected it to be. You can watch episode 1 sub here or read the manga here.

The first episode got me dying of laughter.  But it’s kind of sad that Nayu got it bad at school on the first day in the first episode. Tsk Tsk.


And  I already sense some hatred by this  character towards Nayu . This makes me curious of what going to play out in the future.

For the most part all I can recall in this anime was A LOT PANTY SHOTS..

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffSooooo many pantsu

And a few groping and ecchi scenes mixed in with pure comedy

She has Bra ray lol

The boobs are alive


I will always remember theses two shots

I have a lot of expectation for this anime and Can’t wait to see the other episodes.

[Ladies vs Butler ep 1]It was actually good =O

4 Jan

At first sight I wasn’t really into Ladies vs Butler , I was mostly interested in watching Chu Bra, Hidamari Sketch x and SoRaNoWoTo but after a lot of persuasion from my brother and out of boredom I have decided to watch it.

First thing that came to mind was “Great, another predictable storyline harem anime”, but this anime was quite funny and has a lot of memorable and Ecchi scenes in it.

If you can’t find the first ep of Ladies Vs Butler here is a link.

If you prefer manga over anime or just wanna view the manga, here is a link to it also.

Memorable scenes are :  WARNING!!! SPOILERS ARE TO BE SHOWN

  • Well then, Saikyo-san, please go and fetch the transfer student.
  • During the interview, his looks certainly made us feel uneasy

  • Principal, do you have anything to add?
  • Indeed, Fuji-kun and Momoto-kun should be a couple.

    • Could it be that you’ve been playing the game since morning and not working?

    • This is bad, quiet down a little

    • Hey! What’s wrong? Are you alright?
    • Stay calm. You’ve definitely misunderstood something.

    • Ah, that’s right. I should take this off too.
    • Ah, no, you don’t need to take that off.

    • Well….. I’m alright with forceful guys as well.
    • Sorry for the wait-

    • I’m sorry, are you alright?

    • If you do it so hard……I…I…

    lol she drinking the tea like nothing abnormal going on

    For some  reason theses two girls caught my interest.

    And I can’t wait for what Saikyo got in store for us further down in this anime.